From your balcony to the crystal waters
& the history of Alonissos


Where the natural green landscape blends with the vast blue, experience harmonious and peaceful moments, filled with marveling images, pleasant scents and unforgettable flavours. Discover the traditional essence equipped with all modern conveniences and witness how the boundaries between luxury and authenticity, professionalism and friendliness blur. In our Ilya Suites by the Sea, on Alonissos island of Northern Aegean, you will create your next summer vacation memories.


Bright white colour, modern wooden details, clean straight lines.
In harmony with their surrounding landscape,
our suites combine the outdoor natural elements with a dash of indoor luxury.


Ilya Suites by the Sea has earned the appreciation of its visitors that compliment our exceptional hospitality and site. Its ideal location will cast a spell on you, as your feet will be a few meters away from where the foam of the sea is seen on the white pebbles.

check-out the new member
of Ilya Suites family in Karystos

Steni Vala, Alonissos 37005, Greece
Tel. +30 6938327401
Tel. +30 2424065259